August 13, 2022
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Basic Granny Square

I was recently asked to explain the granny square. Well, the basic granny square is a super simple method and works up pretty quickly.

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Where the stitch began is a bit of a mystery but the most common belief is that way, way back in the day people use to save scraps of yarn and would carefully take apart old socks and the like, nothing could be wasted (I like this idea). They would have the only person in the household that couldn’t do manual labor, which was usually the grandmother, and she would get these scraps and put them to a new use in an easy blanket.

Now how do you make a granny square? First, if you’re new to crochet, I need to tell you how to do the double crochet (US term). I will be using the Wal-Mart’s Mainstays ™ brand 100% acrylic yarn with a size H inline crochet hook.

Start with the Magic Circle from my last post. Or chain 4, go through the first chain with a slip stitch to create a circle (pictures 1-3).

Picture 1 picture 2 picture 3

With either one, the next steps are the same.

Picture 4

Chain 3 (picture 4). Next, you’re going to *put your hook under your working yarn. You’ll have 2 strands of yarn on your hook.

Picture 5 picture 6

Now put your hook in the middle of the circle and hook your working yarn again (picture 5, 6) and pull it through the middle of the circle. You should have 3 strands of yarn on your hook (picture 7).

Picture 7

Now you’re going to loop under your working yarn again so that you have 4 strands on your hook (picture 8).

Picture 8

You’re going to pull 2 of the strands on your hook through 2, leaving you with 2 strands (picture 9).

Picture 9

Loop under your working yarn again and pull through the final 2 loops (picture 10, 11). *

Picture 10 picture 11

Congratulations! You made a double crochet! The chain 3 at the beginning counts as the first double crochet and this is your second. Now u need one more in this cluster. So, go ahead and do that one more time (* to *).

Now what you’ll have is a cluster of 3 double crochets (picture 12).

Picture 12

Chain 2, *go back in the circle and make 3 more double crochets followed by 2 chains (picture 13, 14).

Picture 13 picture 14

* Repeat this process (* to *) until you have 4 clusters of double crochets and 4 sets of chain 2’s (pictures 15, 16).

Picture 15 picture 16

After the final 2 chains, you’re going to make a slip stitch in the top of the 1st chain 3 (pictures 17, 18).

Picture 17 picture 18

Here’s where if u did the magic circle u would pull the tail to make it tight.

Turn your work over so the back is facing you. Chain 3 and in that chain 2 space from the first row, make 2 more double crochets. Chain 2 and do one more cluster of 3 double crochet (pictures 19, 20, 21).

Picture 19 picture 20 picture 21

Now you’re going to skip to the next corner. *Do 3 double crochet in the second chain 2 space, chain 2. In that same chain 2 space make another cluster of 3 (picture 22). *

Picture 22

So now you’ll have cluster/chain 2/cluster in that chain 2 from the first row. Repeat this (* to *) all the way around. You should have 8 clusters of 3 and 4 chain 2’s (picture 23, 24).

Picture 23 picture 24

At the end of row 2, slip stitch your last chain 2 into the top of your first chain 3 (picture 25). You’ve just completed the second row of your granny square.

Picture 25 picture 26

As you continue each row, there will be 2 clusters and a chain 2 dividing them in each corner and you’ll start to see how your clusters r separated in the row (picture 26).  Even though there isn’t a chain in between the middle stitches, there are spaces (picture 27).

Picture 27 picture 28

In these spaces, you’ll put a cluster of 3 double crochet in each (picture 28). Don’t chain in between these. Only chain 2 in the corners. Repeat this to complete each row (pictures 29-32).

Picture 29 picture 30 picture 31 picture 32

This method is easy and can make so many things. Like if you keep working around you can make any size blanket, or you can work it into smaller squares to sew together to make a jazzy looking blanket. There are also patterns to use this for clothes. The possibilities are endless.


Please follow my blog and comment any questions or opinions you may have, and I will be happy to respond. Have a happy hippo day!

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