January 24, 2022
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Decisions, Decisions…

I get questions about how I decide what to crochet next. Well, my thinking process can be complex from time to time when deciding on my next project. But the basics of the process are simple.

I’m always looking for new and fun patterns to try even though there are simple ones that I love doing on a regular basis. Now, I don’t take custom orders so what’s in my inventory is what you get, but if I see a need like in my family or friends I will do a custom product like a baby blanket, a lap throw, etc. Also, when I do bulk orders for nursing homes and the NICU, I like to spice it up a little.

But when I am looking for something to add to my shop or to add to my experience, I look for inspiration my everyday life. Like I look at a bowl when I’m feeding my daughter in the morning and ask myself what I could crochet in that bowl’s shape and I let my imagination run. Sometimes that’s a dead end but I just move on to the next inspiration.

I look for things that can be used in the day to day life of anyone. If it has been created before can I improve on it or is it efficient how it is? The thought process can be a long one so at times I work on something familiar while I’m thinking. I like to make random granny squares and square motifs to help get the inspiration flowing. My husband will come home, and I have a whole stack of squares next to me. He just looks and shakes his head. He knows this is my thinking process. Well I hope I’ve been some help to y’all. If you have any comments questions or suggestions, please comment below. And please follow my blog so you can get updates when I have a new post. Have a happy hippo day!

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